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InDaHood Designs Inc. offers services at every level of marketing and promotion to help you succeed. Whether it be creating a successful _ effective website, developing e-commerce for online selling, creating a new logo or brand, finding and retaining quality employees and staff, helping you and your sales team out, or by developing a new advertising campaign or idea, InDaHood will be there every step of the way.

We will open your eyes to technology in a marketing way and how it will increase the profitability of your venture or business, guaranteed! Lets talk your business.

Graphic Design

Drawing on professional experience of over 15 years working in the field, InDaHood Designs is current with marketing styles and trends. It's about relaying your image accurately to your target audience in all media formats effectively. This includes designs for print, apparel, signage, vehicles, promotional, web, and multimedia (tv, radio ads).


Consistency in the presentation of your organization's image is paramount to success in the marketplace. We will create a brand that will translate in all media formats.

Web Design

We will create an eye catching, easily navigable Website for you from the ground up, or enhance and fine-tune an existing Website. Whether you need pages of content added, or graphics or flash to give it some bling, we will meet your every requirement.

Web Hosting/Domain Name Management

InDaHood Designs will help you secure a reliable web host provider and domain name. Web Hosting is valuable resource describing the processes involved when seeking a host provider for your website.

Silk Screen Printing

InDaHood Designs has hooked up with a Winnipeg leader in Silk Screen Printing to offer you unmatched service in custom designed silk screen printing. Does it get any better than this?

Musician Marketing

InDaHood Designs is a musically creative bunch. We know how important each piece of the marketing puzzle is for musicians. So, allow us to get you in front of your audience loud and clear!

Aboriginal Marketing

InDaHood Designs has experience working with aboriginal clients in a variety of formats and initiatives. Allow us to work with you and get your business or venture out in the marketplace.

Marketing Training

From years of experience working in print houses, pre-press environments, ISO 9001 environments, trade houses, and extensive training, InDaHood Designs will come to you and offer strategic in-house marketing training for you and your staff. Get the tools, learn how to research on the net, find new lead searches, and more!

Commercial Printing _ Bindery Outsourcing

InDaHood Designs outsources small and large format commercial printing to one of Manitoba's top printers in quality and service, who is capable of almost any request for printing services. Our free quotes will be timely, accurate, and extremely competitive. Our relationship has lasted for more than 12 years. With a career background in commercial printing and graphic design, InDaHood Designs is your most trusted source for print outsourcing. Let us quote today on your next job.

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